In its center of the Isla de Ons Camping, represented by María Jesús Otero Acuña, makes the following Environmental Policy Statement, whose scope is applicable to the exploitation of the campsite on the Island of Ons and which collects the commitment and general principles of our company towards the environment.

We take the commitment to develop our activity with the utmost respect and protection of the environment, complying with legal requirements and continuously improving, whenever it is within our reach, the techniques, practices and environmental actions, in order to collaborate in sustainability of tourism.

We recognize our responsibilities towards the environment and we mark ourselves as the following General Principles:

  • Maintain a permanent control to guarantee compliance with applicable environmental regulations and, whenever possible, exceed legislative requirements.
  • Promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies, as well as take appropriate measures to reduce water consumption.
  • Properly manage the wastewater discharged so that the impact on the environment is minimal.
  • Protect and respect the natural environment of the campsite, promoting the landscape integration of the facilities and the conservation of the biodiversity of the National Park.
  • Prevent pollution in all its activities and minimize the environmental effects of them.
  • Involve all the agents involved in the tasks related to the improvements of respect for the environment:
  • Promote the participation of the workers of Camping Isla de Ons in environmental management, inform and train casual workers.
  • Information to the clients of the environmental situation of the camping, advice of the good practices to carry out and development of activities that promote the protection of the environment.
  • Information to the suppliers of the acquired environmental commitment and training on the tasks that are theirs.
  • Manage communication with clients as an instrument of education and promotion of respect for the environment.
  • Prepare an annual program of objectives that reflects the environmental goals, which entails a continuous improvement of our activity towards the environment.

Island of Ons, April 2017.

María Jesús Otero Acuña

Tourist Initiatives of Ons, S.A
Camping Isle of Ons