Europarc – The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS) – Isla de Ons Camp

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS) is a proposal to effectively advance the principles of sustainable tourism in protected natural areas. It has been prepared by representatives of European protected areas and tourist companies. The CETS is a work method and a voluntary commitment to apply the principles of sustainable tourism, guiding the managers of protected natural areas and tourist companies to define their strategies in a participatory manner.

As a sign of our commitment, in 2018 we have implemented and implemented all the basic sustainability actions required by the Accession System of tourism companies to the EUROPEAN CHARTER OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM and we have designed a Program of Actions for the next 3 years to strengthen our collaboration with the Maritime Land National Park of the Atlantic Illas of Galicia and the rest of the local actors involved, with the aim of improving the sustainability of our activity and tourism development within the protected natural space to implement a strategy local in favor of sustainable tourism.

The Terrestrial Maritime National Park of Atlantic Illas of Galicia, adheres to the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism in 2015. It is the third Galician natural space that obtained this accreditation, after the Fragas do Eume and Serra do Xurés-Baixa Limia. At present, in Spain there are 44 protected natural spaces accredited with the Sustainable Tourism Charter.



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