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Four Amazing Hiking Trails on Ons Island.

Enjoy hiking on this lovely island, which is classified as a nature reserve. All trails set out from the information booth in As Dornas very near the pier, from where you can get detailed information on the routes and other interesting aspects.

The existing paths have made the circular format of all the trails possible and they’re a great way for you to get a better appreciation of the natural and cultural values of Ons Island. It is important to heed the signs, as well as the instructions given by the Park’s staff.


Ons Island has 4 hiking trails with varying difficulty levels

Southern Trail

Ruta Sur


The Southern Trail covers a large part of the island, going through the entire southern half of Ons Island.

It sets out from As Rodas, goes through the street of O Curro and continues on to Pereiró (whose beach disappears at high tide). From there, it goes left towards the Fedorentos Lookout Point, a vantage point from where you get a sweeping panoramic view of Onza Island, the Cíes Island, Costa da Vela and Ría de Aldán.

The next stop is Buraco do Inferno, an impressive geological formation that was gradually built over time. The path skirts the steep cliffs of Ons Island’s cost until getting to Enseada de Caniveliñas, from where it crosses the island to return to O Curro.

  • Starting point: From the information booth.
  • Distance: 6,2km
  •  Elevation change and difficulty: About 86 m. Difficulty: moderate
  • Average duration: About 2.5 hours.
  • Points of Interest: O Curro, Area dos Cans (tomb of A Laxe dos Cregos), Canexol (the fort of Castelo dos Mouros), Fedorentos Lookout Point, Buraco do Inferno and Enseada de Caniveliñas

Castelo Trail

Ruta do Castelo

This trail is the shortest one on the island and is the one that most people do. It’s an easy hike that begins in the rest area near As Dornas Beach, which gets its name from the traditional fishing boats used by the fishermen.

Going north, there’s a path that borders the eastern coast and enters a small willow forest to get to the Castelo Lookout Point. From this old coastal fort—left unfinished—, there are beautiful views of Ría de Pontevedra, and a few metres further down, there’s an odd furna (sea cave).

The return to O Curro goes along an inland path away from the sea, in a southerly direction.

  • Starting point: At the information booth.
  • Distance: 1,1km
  • Elevation change and difficulty: About 33m. Difficulty: easy/moderate
  • Average duration: About 40 minutes.
  • Points of Interest: As Dornas Beach, Castelo Lookout Point, Fonte do Castelo and the village of O Curro.


Northern Trail

Ruta Norte


The Northern Trail (or the “Naturist Trail”) sets out from the information booth of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park and passes the famous Melide Beach.

It goes through the village of O Curro, passes by Fonte do Castelo and skirts the cliffs on the eastern coast to get to Melide Beach. From there, there’s a diversion to Punta Centulo Lookout Point.

After getting back on the path, it continues to the southwest—a great spot to go birdwatching and observe their nesting areas. After descending towards Enseada de Caniveliñas, it turns left and crosses the island on the way back to the village of O Curro.

  • Starting point: At the information booth.
  • Distance: 8,1km
  • Elevation change and difficulty: About 200m. Difficulty: moderate/hard
  • Average duration: About 3 hours.
  • Points of Interest: The village of O Curro, Melide Beach, Punta Centulo, Punta Xubenco, Ons Lighthouse, Punta Liñeiros and Enseada de Caniveliñas.


Lighthouse Trail

Ruta del Faro


The lovely Lighthouse Trail sets out from O Curro and climbs gently as it goes towards the village of O Cucorno.

It takes you to the Ons Lighthouse, a building that dates back to 1926 which is one of the few remaining in Spain today that is still manned by a lighthouse keeper. You’ll get the best views of the island near the heliport before you get to the lighthouse. Skirt the cliffs to arrive at Enseada de Caniveliñas.

At its lowest point, you’ll see a path that crosses Ons Island at its narrowest stretch. Take it to get back to the starting point.

  • Starting point: At the information booth.
  • Distancie: 4km
  • Elevation change and difficulty: 120m. Difficulty: easy
  • Average duration: 1.5 hours
  • Points of Interest: The village of O Curro, Ons Lighthouse (views) and Enseada de Caniveliñas.


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