Burato do Inferno


Population of Ons Island

The population density of Ons Island was quite high in the past. Today, we can find different buildings strewn around the eastern side of the island—the most compact—, from the moors to the coast.

  On the island, there are nine villages, made up of small clusters of homes, such as the far-flung village of Melide, with only three houses.

The villages are listed as follows:

  • O Curro: is the village with the highest population. It is urbanised and it is where the port, restaurants and bars, shop and church are found.
  • O Caño: is found right after O Curro, along the track going up to the lighthouse.
  • O Cucorno: is the largest village and the highest one on the island. It sits at the foot of the hill where the lighthouse is found.
  • O Laverco: another village in a high area, located near O Cucorno.
  • O Centolo (o Sentulo): the northernmost village of all, with five houses located in a fairly high area.
  • Melide: comprised of three houses on the way to the lighthouse, very near O Centolo.
  • A Chan da Pólvora: half a dozen houses somewhat off the track going up to the lighthouse. The island’s campsite is found here.
  • Canexol: located on the seashore, towards the southern part of the island, where the cemetery can be found.
  • Pereiró: is the southernmost village on the island, as well as one of the largest, located in one of the island’s most fertile areas.

Discover this natural paradise

You can go on Starlight trails, hike, swim in its crystal-clear waters, enjoy some lovely octopus tapas, lose yourself in the sound of the sea…