How should you behave in the Park?

For the conservation of the terrestrial and marine ecosystems of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia Marine-Terrestrial National Park in general and of Ons Island in particular, please bear in mind that it is strictly forbidden to:

Rules of Conduct on Ons Island

  • Light fires, bonfires or any other type of fire.
  • Throw or dispose of any type of rubbish or waste (solid or liquid) outside of the designated areas.
  • Camp outside the enclosed and designated areas.
  • Enter areas marked as “No Entry” for the general public.
  • Disturb, injure, capture or kill animals.
  • Pull out, cut or damage vegetation (please remember that there are endemic species and species of great importance).
  • Engage in any activity that can lead to the destruction, deterioration or disruption of the unique natural elements.
  • Destroy or interfere with elements of archaeological, historical or geological interest, whether terrestrial or marine.
  • Go scuba diving without prior authorisation.
  • Engage in recreational fishing and underwater fishing.
  • Carry or go around with weapons, harpoons, spearguns or other similar items.
  • Moor and dock boats, and sail around, unless express authorisation has been obtained.
  • Place banners or advertisements without any authorisation.
  • Use megaphones, sounds or speakers that disrupt the peace of the Park.
  • Bring pets (except guide dogs).
  • Bring in non-native animal and/or plant species.
  • Bring in motorised vehicles (except wheelchairs).
  • Make videos or take photos for commercial purposes, without prior authorisation.


  • Use the paths and walkways, and avoid walking off them inside the Park.
  • Do not throw lighted cigarettes (take all precautions necessary to minimise the risk of fire).
  • Collect your own waste and use the rubbish containers.
  • Drive vehicles only on authorised tracks.
  • Respect crops, fences and walls.
  • Use only recreational areas for meals.


  • Campers should keep their ID visible at all times in order to make use of all available services.