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The campsite is located in the village called Chan da Pólvora on Ons Island, which belongs to the municipality of Bueu. Its total surface area is roughly around 8,700 m2.
Each pitch has a power outlet for guests with limited supply (only for recharging mobile, tablet, laptop, ....) which we hope will be used moderately and responsibly.
Yes, there’s Wi-Fi available in the cafeteria area.
There is a laundry area available, with washing machines (please ask Reception), as well as sinks to wash crockery and utility sinks to wash clothes. As with the power outlets, moderate water use is recommended.
Yes, hot showers are available at the campsite. There are no timetables for them and you don’t have to pay to take hot showers. As we are inside a National Park, responsible water use is recommended, as its misuse will lead to a shortage of hot water.
This is strictly forbidden as the campsite is found inside a National Park.
The Park's Rules allow campers to use camping stoves in front of each tent and within each pitch, while taking all the necessary precautions.
There is a small children’s playground, as well as entertainers who will organise games and activities so that they can enjoy their stay (please ask Reception). It is advisable to use high SPF sunscreen during the day and to wear warm clothing at night.
The Park’s Rules clearly state that pets are not allowed on the island.
Yes, the premium tents for hire have electricity inside. What’s more, there’s a power outlet at the entrance to the pitch. In any case, it is a good idea to bring torches with you.
Yes, on weekends in July and August, a minimum stay of two nights is required in order to book this type of tents.
Yes, but please bear in mind that placing the extra mattress will leave the tent with little space.
El camping dispone de carritos que se encuentran en constante movimiento, se pueden encontrar tanto en Casa Acuña como en el camping. No son carros fijos, debido a que el movimiento de estos lo realizan los propios campistas.
On Ons Island, the campsite itself has a cafeteria while the port is where the island’s main restaurants can be found.
In the port of Bueu, you’ll find public parking areas throughout the port and its immediate vicinity. Alternatively, if you’ve decided to take the ferry from the port of Portonovo, it is advisable for you to arrive in town early as the port does not have any free parking areas available. This means that you’ll have to park your vehicle in one of the private parking garages or in the vicinity of the port.
It is advisable for you to arrive early at the port to allow enough time for any unexpected delays when looking for parking. Boarding begins 15 minutes before the time of departure specified on the ticket.
The trip to Ons Island takes about 40 minutes, for direct trips. If the ferry makes a stopover at another port, the trip will take approximately one hour.
You can bring up to 20 kg, not including the tent.
The weather during the summer season tends to be pleasant, with high temperatures during the day which significantly drop at night. This is why it is advisable bring some warm clothing.
Bicycles are not allowed on the island.

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All modifications requested by guests must be sent in writing to at least 15 days in advance (due to the authorizations by the Galician Government) and will be subject to availability. Modifications are understood as: change of dates, shortening or extending a stay, change in the number of people staying, booking name change, change in transfer schedules, changes in the ports of arrival and departure, etc.
All cancellations requested by guests must be sent in writing to at least 15 days in advance (due to the authorizations by the Galician Government). Giving notice less than 15 days in advance will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to 100% of the amount paid. The e-mail sent must include the following information: Accommodation booking reference number, ferry booking reference number, date of arrival and departure of the booking, name, surname(s) and national identity card of the booking holder and your bank account no. using the IBAN format to process the refund. In the event of a cancellation due to force majeure (medical emergency, court case or other duly justified reason), the amount paid will be refunded provided that official proof is provided. In this case, a change of dates is possible provided there’s availability.
Your booking includes the autorization by the Galician Government.
Yes, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to