Recycling Point - Camping Isla de Ons

At the entrance to the campsite facilities, there’s a clearly marked area where you can throw rubbish, paper and cardboard, plastic, glass and batteries in each of the corresponding containers.

Hygienic Services - We have separate modular units for men and women

The campsite has two separate modular units for men and women. Hot water is available in both of them. Due to the campsite’s location, we kindly remind you to use both hot and cold water moderately.

There are baby changing stations in the bathrooms and there is an accessible bathroom for those who need it.

Treatment Room - First Aid

The campsite has a treatment room with a stretcher and a first aid kit. On Ons Island, the Red Cross provides daily services during the summer season (while the ferries are running).

Transport Services - 9 trolleys for items

The Ons Campsite has 9 trolleys to transport the campers’ things. These trolleys are continuously being used by campers, so they can be found at the restaurant Casa Acuña or at the campsite itself.

Surveillance Service - Lights Out

For your stay to be as peaceful as possible, the site has a surveillance service that will deal with any unforeseen circumstances that may arise, as well as ensure that everyone abides by the rules of the campsite and the Ons Island National Park.

It is important to bear in mind that lights out is from 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Accessibility - Handicapped accessible

The Ons Campsite is handicapped accessible.